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Pharmacopoeia column

Target-Carbohydrate ES

   The target carbohydrate es bonding phase of honey special column is obtained by bonding amino groups on the surface of the substrate with a unique and innovative design. In the separation process under Pharmacopoeia chromatographic conditions, the detection of fructose, sucrose, maltose and glucose in honey, the resolution and quantitative accuracy completely meet the requirements of Pharmacopoeia.

Chromatographic conditions of honey

Column:Target Carbohydrate ES ­5u, 4.6×250 mm

Mobile phase:Acetonitrile: water = 75:25 (V / V)

Current Speed:0.5 mL/min

Column temperature:30℃

testing:Differential (40 ℃)

Sample:Mixed control solution (30mg / ml fructose + 24mg / ml glucose + 6.0mg/ml sucrose + 6.0mg/ml maltose)

Injection volume:15 μL


name retention time peak area Tailing  factor Number of trays Resolution
fructose 9.67 4006949 1.60 11155  
glucose 11.66 2167199 1.29 8125 4.50
sucrose 16.70 858471 1.22 15058 9.49
malt dust 20.89 499555 1.08 9515 5.97
Part No Product description Sample test
301810-4625 Target Carbohydrate ES 5um 250*4.6mm Honey special column

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