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Target -NH2

● The unique innovative design of the bonding stationary phase is adopted. The silica gel with high purity and good mechanical stability is used as the matrix. By using high purity bonding reagent, the amino group coverage can be realized to the maximum extent, and the carbon content can be as high as 4.0%.

● by strictly controlling the chemical reaction conditions for the formation of polymerized monolayer, reliable reproducibility between columns can be ensured. Target-nh2 surface coverage has been maximized, so it has excellent stability.

● The filler is a uniform spherical particle with a pore diameter of 110μm and a specific surface area of 310m2/g. The column bed density of target-NH2 obtained by using the unique homogenate loading technology is uniform and stable, so it can ensure the highest column efficiency.

● The Target-NH2 column is particularly suitable for the separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds with high selectivity. Because the binding phase of Target-NH2 column is
3-aminopropyl, the retention of most nonpolar compounds will be very small.

● Target-NH2 column has good separation effect in organic solvent or mixture of water and organic solvent (such as methanol, acetonitrile, etc.). This column is especially suitable
for the separation of polar and nonpolar compounds such as drugs, polysaccharides, amino acids, oligonucleotides, oligosaccharides and organic acids.

● Stability and performance the target-nh2 column uses a fully covered bonded silica gel filler, so it has excellent chemical stability, especially suitable for the confirmation of many analytes. The chemical bonding technology adopted can avoid the formation of a compound aminopropyl molecular layer. The stationary phase with this uniform coating has the characteristics of high selectivity and high separation efficiency. Separation may be carried out in a non-polar solvent such as hexane or in a polar solvent such as an aqueous
solution of acetonitrile.

●  pH 2-8

● It can be used in two separation modes, positive phase and reverse phase

● A variety of mobile phase systems are available, such as hexane / ethyl acetate, chloroform / methanol, aqueous solution, etc

● It can be used for supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) separation and LC / MS analysis

Chromatographic conditions of sucrose, fructose and glucose:
Column:Target -NH2( 5µm, 4.6 x 250 mm )
Mobile phase:H2O : ACN= 25 : 75 ( v/v )
Flow rate:1.0mL/min
Detection:ELSD ( 60℃,2 mL/min )
Injection volume:5µL
Sample:Sucrose ( 1.28mg/mL ), fructose ( 1.37mg/mL ) and glucose ( 0.52mg/mL )

Maltose chromatography conditions:
Column:Target -NH2( 5 µm, 4.6 x 250 mm )
Mobile phase:ACN : H2O = 70 : 30 ( v/v )
Flow rate:1.0 mL/min
Temperature:35 ℃
Detection:RI 30℃
Injection volume:20 µL
Sample:sample ( 10.0 mg/mL )

Target -NH2 Product specifications

Product     model  Particle size             Specifications  Part number 
Target -NH2 3um 50mm 2.1mm 310003-21005
Target -NH2 3um 100mm 2.1mm 310003-21010
Target -NH2 3um 150mm 2.1mm 310003-21015
Target -NH2 3um 150mm 4.6mm 310003-46015
Target -NH2 3um 250mm 4.6mm 310003-46025
Target -NH2 5um 150mm 4.6mm 310115-46015
Target -NH2 5um 250mm 4.6mm 310115-46025
Target -NH2 5um 250mm 10mm 310115-10025
Target -NH2 5um 250mm 21.2mm 310115-21225
Target -NH2 5um 250mm 30mm 310115-30025
Target -NH2 10um 250mm 10mm 330339-10025
Target -NH2 10um 250mm 21.2mm 330339-21225
Target -NH2 10um 250mm 30mm 330339-30025
Target -NH2(II) 3um 50mm 2.1mm 320004-21005
Target -NH2(II) 3um 100mm 2.1mm 320004-21010
Target -NH2(II) 3um 150mm 2.1mm 320004-21015
Target -NH2(II) 3um 150mm 4.6mm 320004-46015
Target -NH2(II) 3um 250mm 4.6mm 320004-46025
Target -NH2(II) 5um 150mm 4.6mm 310005-46015 
Target -NH2(II) 5um 250mm 4.6mm 310005-46025 
Target -NH2(II) 5um 250mm 10mm 310005-10025
Target -NH2(II) 5um 250mm 21.2mm 310005-21225
Target -NH2(II) 5um 250mm 30mm 310005-30025

   * If you need other specifications that are not in this list, please contact your sales representative.



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