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Target Polarmix-RP

●Target  Polarmix-RP resin is specially designed for the hydrophobic separation of small organic compounds, peptides, oligonucleotides and proteins. As a reverse phase, theTarget  Polarmix-RP medium is based on highly crosslinked polystyrene / (PS / DVB) resin. Its particle size and pore size distribution are very narrow, and there are two structures, porous and nonporous. The uniform particle size distribution ensures the high efficiency of separation.

●Target  Polarmix-RP resin itself is hydrophobic, so there is no need to bond C8 and C18 carbon chains to obtain hydrophobic properties.  Target Polarmix-RP resin also has a highly cross-linked structure, so it can provide excellent chemical and physical stability, as well as high-pressure rigidity.

● characteristics:
1) Carrier: spherical PS / DVB particles
2) Aperture: no hole, 100, 300, 500 ,1000
3) Particle size: 5 and 10 μ m for porous particles; 1.7, 3, 5 and 10 μ m for nonporous particles
4) Pore volume: porous resin is ~ 1.0ml/g
5) Fixed phase structure: hydrophobic
6) Chemical composition: Polystyrene / (PS / DVB)
7) Application pH range: 1-14

● High stability of Target  Polarmix-RPcolumn under various operating conditions. It can withstand temperatures up to 200 ℃ and is compatible with almost all organic solvents and buffers. Solvents can be converted to each other without damaging the column. Target  Polarmix-RP column has a long service life. Under normal conditions, the performance of the column will hardly change after 3 months. By strictly controlling the production of polymer resin and the process of column loading, the repeatability of target polyrp column is very high.

● the residual monomer and surfactant can be removed by using a good cleaning procedure, so as to obtain the surface of high-purity hydrophobic stationary phase, and the resin material will not fall off during the use. A significant advantage of Target  Polarmix-RP is that it can be used at extreme pH (1-14) compared with silica based reversed phase packing.

●The separation efficiency is similar and the selectivity is better.

DNA test map
Chromatographic conditions:
Column:Target-POLyRP , 10 µm,  4.6 ×150 mm
Mobile phase:A: 0.1% TEAA, pH 7.0     B: ACN
Time (min):0  30  50
B (%)   :0  12  30
Flow rate:1.0 mL/min
Detection:UV 260 nm
Injection Volume:2 µL
Sample:DNA  (20 bp)     

Target-POLyRP Product specifications
Product     model  Particle size   Specifications  Part number 
Target Polarmix-RP100 8um 150mm 4.6mm 312015-46015
Target Polarmix-RP100 8um 250mm 4.6mm 312015-46025
Target Polarmix-RP100 5um 150mm 4.6mm 312200-46015
Target Polarmix-RP100 5um 250mm 4.6mm 312200-46025
Target Polarmix-RP100 10um 150mm 4.6mm 412100-46015
Target Polarmix-RP100 10um 250mm 4.6mm 412100-46025
Target PolarmixRP300 5um 150mm 4.6mm 312300-46015
Target Polarmix-RP300 5um 250mm 4.6mm 312300-46025
Target Polarmix-RP300 10um 150mm 4.6mm 412300-46015
Target Polarmix-RP300 10um 250mm 4.6mm 412300-46025
Target Polarmix-RP500 5um 150mm 4.6mm 312500-46015
Target Polarmix-RP500 5um 250mm 4.6mm 312500-46025
Target Polarmix-RP500 10um 150mm 4.6mm 412500-46015
Target Polarmix-RP500 10um 250mm 4.6mm 412500-46025
Target Polarmix-RP1000 5um 150mm 4.6mm 312600-46015
Target Polarmix-RP1000 5um 250mm 4.6mm 312600-46025
Target Polarmix-RP1000 10um 150mm 4.6mm 412600-46015
Target Polarmix-RP1000 10um 250mm 4.6mm 412600-46025
Target Polarmix-RPNP 5um 150mm 4.6mm 312000-46015
Target Polarmix-RPNP 5um 250mm 4.6mm 312000-46025
Target Polarmix-RPNP 10um 150mm 4.6mm 412700-46015
Target Polarmix-RPNP 10um 250mm 4.6mm 412700-46025

 * If you need other specifications that are not in this list, please contact your sales representative.



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