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SPE column

MS cleantm series solid phase extraction (SPE) is a sample pretreatment technology developed from the mid-1980s. It is developed from the combination of liquid-solid extraction and liquid chromatography. It is mainly used for separation, purification and enrichment of samples. The main purpose is to reduce matrix interference and improve detection sensitivity. The SPE columns of various specifications provided by MS cleantm have good reproducibility and high recovery rate, ranging from 30mg / 1ml to 75g / 100mL, which are suitable for different volume sample processing and different specification suits, so it is convenient for you to select methods. SPE pillars can also be processed according to the needs of customers.

Product features:
A variety of stationary phase options.
Polypropylene construction.
Solvent saving, high sample recovery.
Product use:
Environmental testing of water samples (drinking water, waste water)
Separation and analysis of compounds in organic synthesis
Detection of pesticide residues in vegetables
Analysis of flavoring and fragrance in food and beverage
Surfactants and other industrial fields
Gas sulfides and residual solvents.
Forensic analysis of fire or explosive samples poison analysis; drugs and drugs in blood, urine and body fluids, etc
Available in 1ml, 3ml and 6ml
Product fillers include: C18, c18-e, C8, C2, Phe, CN, PSA, NH2, sax, SCX, silica, Florisil, al-a, Al-B, Al-N, GCB, pls, Max, MCX, wax, WCX, HLB, etc. MS also provides other special specifications and fillers.



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