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Types of gas chromatographic columns

Gas chromatography (GC) is also called gas chromatography, gas chromatography. Its core is the chromatographic column.
There are many types of gas chromatographic column, which can be classified according to the material, shape, inner diameter and length of column, chemical properties of stationary liquid, etc. Chromatographic column materials are usually glass, quartz glass, stainless steel and polytetrafluoroethylene, etc. according to the materials used, they are called glass column, quartz glass column, stainless steel column and polytetrafluoroethylene column, etc. Glass column and quartz glass column are widely used in capillary chromatography, and the latter is widely used. For packed column chromatography, stainless steel column is used in most cases, and its shape is U-shaped and spiral type. According to the inner diameter and length of chromatographic column, it can be divided into packed column and capillary column. The former has an inner diameter of 2-4mm and a length of about 1-10m; the latter has an inner diameter of 0.2-0.5mm and a length of 25-100m. In order to improve the separation speed, some people use 10m short column with high column efficiency and thin liquid membrane under the condition of satisfying the separation degree.
According to the chemical properties of the stationary liquid, the chromatographic column can be divided into non-polar, polar and chiral chromatographic separation column. There are many kinds of fixatives with different polarity. The separation ability of chromatographic column for mixed samples often depends on the polarity of stationary solution. The commonly used stationary liquids are hydrocarbons, polysiloxanes, alcohols, ethers, esters, nitriles and nitrile ethers. The newly developed chiral chromatographic columns use chiral stationary liquid, mainly including chiral amino acid derivatives, chiral metal complexes, crown ethers, calixarene and cyclodextrin derivatives. Among them, the chiral chromatographic column with cyclodextrin and its derivatives as chromatographic stationary liquid is very effective for the separation of various enantiomers. It is a kind of chiral column with rapid development and wide application prospect in recent years.
In gas chromatography, the selection of chromatographic column is very important. Not only the properties of the components to be measured and experimental conditions (such as column temperature and pressure) should be considered, but also the performance of the detector should be matched.
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